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Traversing Los Nevados

Climbing a glaciated volcano and hiking through a páramo in Colombia's most famous mountain area.

View the album 47 photos
  • Hiking through the páramo
  • On the Santa Isabel moraine
  • Walking through a forest of siete cueros
  • Cocora trees in the cloud forest


Climbing in the Bogota countryside

Rock climbing and bouldering in the beautiful mountain environs of Colombia's capital city.

View the album 55 photos
  • Climbing in Suesca
  • Climbing in Suesca
  • Traverse boulder problem in Sutatausa
  • Climbing an overhanging route


Diving Tayrona

Caribbean diving off the shore of Tayrona National Park

View the album 26 photos
  • Posing with corals
  • Flying gurnard
  • Moray eel
  • At the surface, Isla Aguja in the background


La Guajira

Exploring where the desert meets the sea

View the album 35 photos
  • Taroa Sand Dunes
  • At La Boquita
  • Coast of Punta Gallinas
  • Exploring La Guajira


Exploring Laguna and Zambales

The Uncharted Philippines team heads out to the provinces of Laguna and Zambales to discover new tour destinations suitable for easy weekend get-aways.

View the album 21 photos
  • Hulugan falls
  • At Silangin cove
  • Pagsanjan falls
  • Atop Capones Island


Palawan's best kept secrets

Discover islands, beaches, rainforests, caves, and waterfalls that few travelers in Palawan know about.

View the album 13 photos
  • At the 11th waterfall of Estrella falls
  • Outside Hundred Caves
  • Taking a break on the hike up Estrella falls
  • Giant clam and anemone fish among the corals of Ulugan Bay

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Climbing Trips

Getting some altitude in the outdoor playgrounds of Sin City

View the album 110 photos
  • On 5th class terrain
  • "Rope!"
  • Beautiful Red Rock Canyon
  • Tackling a roof

Las Vegas

Mt. Charleston

Hiking up Mt. Charleston

View the album 10 photos
  • On the trail
  • On the trail
  • An ancient bristlecone pine tree
  • Not a bad place for a photo

Las Vegas

Las Vegas outdoor adventures

Hiking and climbing just outside of Las Vegas

View the album 49 photos
  • Hiking in Bryce Canyon
  • At Zion's Western Rim
  • Hiking in Red Rocks Canyon
  • Taking a break at Joshua Tree


Siecha Lakes

Hiking through the landscape that inspired the legend of El Dorado

View the album 12 photos
  • On the trail to the lakes
  • On the trail to the lakes
  • On the trail to the lakes
  • Camping on a hilltop


El Cocuy

Mountaineering in El Cocuy

View the album 20 photos
  • Campsite at 4000+ meters above sea level
  • View from the campsite
  • Sheep farm in the mountains
  • Welcome to El Cocuy!


Colombia's coffee region

Exploring Cocora Valley and Salento

View the album 8 photos
  • Harvesting coffee
  • Exploring Quindío
  • Riding in Cocora Valley
  • Stream crossing


Journey through the Amazon

Paddling on the greatest river on earth

View the album 16 photos
  • Canoeing through the rainforest
  • Kayaking through the rainforest
  • Regular lodge visitor
  • Caught a piranha!


Chico River rafting adventure

Getting wet and wild in the Cordillera region

View the album 17 photos
  • Getting the raft ready
  • Jeepney ride from Tabuk to the river
  • The old tattoo lady handing down the tradition to her granddaughter
  • An old farmer in the mountain village of Maligcong


Northern Palawan expedition

Images of the Calamianes reconnaissance expedition

View the album 17 photos
  • Local fishermen
  • View of Busuanga from the air
  • On Coron Island
  • Kayangan Lake


Visayas dive safari

Diving in some of the best dive locations in the Philippines

View the album 28 photos
  • Diver in Apo Island
  • School of jackfish in Balicasag
  • Anemone shrimp
  • Green sea turtle


Around Taal

Images of Taal, Batangas

View the album 10 photos
  • Taal's crater lake
  • Inside the Caysasay church
  • Heritage house in Taal Town
  • Taal's crater lake



Images of diving in Anilao

View the album 23 photos
  • Divers underwater
  • Moray eel
  • Moray eel
  • A nudibranch


Ifugao villages trek

Images of Uncharted Philippines' trekking tours through Ifugao

View the album 23 photos
  • Walking along the rice terraces of Cambulo
  • On the way to Batad
  • Passing by the traditional Ifugao houses of Pula
  • Hiking towards the Cambulo rice terraces


Palawan: Adventure in paradise

Images of Palawan

View the album 9 photos
  • The limestone cliffs of El Nido, Palawan
  • Exploring the forest interiors of Palawan
  • Kayaking through El Nido, Palawan
  • Exploring the forest interiors of Palawan


Heritage of the Cordillera

Images of the Cordillera mountain region of the Philippines

View the album 47 photos
  • Hanging coffins in Sagada, Mountain Province
  • Tappia falls in Batad, Ifugao province
  • Exiting the cave connection tour at Sumaguing cave in Sagada
  • Rice terraces in Sagada, Mountain Province

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