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Las Vegas

Las Vegas Climbing Trips

Getting some altitude in the outdoor playgrounds of Sin City

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  • On 5th class terrain
  • Heel hook practice
  • Getting ready to rappel
  • A Joshua tree

Las Vegas

Mt. Charleston

Hiking up Mt. Charleston

View the album 10 photos
  • On the trail
  • Not a bad place for a photo
  • Stopping to admire the view
  • An ancient bristlecone pine tree

Las Vegas

Las Vegas outdoor adventures

Hiking and climbing just outside of Las Vegas

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  • Hiking in Bryce Canyon
  • Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park
  • A Joshua tree
  • Taking a break at Joshua Tree


Siecha Lakes

Hiking through the landscape that inspired the legend of El Dorado

View the album 12 photos
  • On the trail to the lakes
  • Garden of succulents
  • On the trail to the lakes
  • Camping on a hilltop


El Cocuy

Mountaineering in El Cocuy

View the album 20 photos
  • Campsite at 4000+ meters above sea level
  • At the mouth of an ice cave
  • At El Cocuy
  • Pack mule at the campsite


Colombia's coffee region

Exploring Cocora Valley and Salento

View the album 8 photos
  • Harvesting coffee
  • Harvesting coffee
  • Stream crossing
  • Exploring Quindío


Journey through the Amazon

Paddling on the greatest river on earth

View the album 16 photos
  • Canoeing through the rainforest
  • A toucan
  • The forest canopy at dusk
  • At an Amazonian village


Chico River rafting adventure

Getting wet and wild in the Cordillera region

View the album 17 photos
  • Getting the raft ready
  • At the Palan-ah waterfall in Tulgao, Tinglayan
  • The old tattoo lady handing down the tradition to her granddaughter
  • Down the Chico river from Tabuk


Northern Palawan expedition

Images of the Calamianes reconnaissance expedition

View the album 17 photos
  • Local fishermen
  • Kayangan Lake
  • One of many idyllic islands
  • Can you spot the scorpion fish?


Visayas dive safari

Diving in some of the best dive locations in the Philippines

View the album 28 photos
  • Diver in Apo Island
  • White tip reef sharks and their cuttlefish friend
  • Green sea turtle
  • Mandarin fish


Around Taal

Images of Taal, Batangas

View the album 10 photos
  • Taal's crater lake
  • Shore of Taal Lake
  • Basilica of St. Martin of Tours
  • Inside the Caysasay church



Images of diving in Anilao

View the album 23 photos
  • Divers underwater
  • Clown anemone fish
  • A feather star
  • Giant clam


Ifugao villages trek

Images of Uncharted Philippines' trekking tours through Ifugao

View the album 23 photos
  • Walking along the rice terraces of Cambulo
  • Cambulo rice terraces
  • Cambulo rice paddies almost ready for harvest
  • Rice paddies of Batad


Palawan: Adventure in paradise

Images of Palawan

View the album 9 photos
  • The limestone cliffs of El Nido, Palawan
  • Kayaking through El Nido, Palawan
  • Tamilok - A mollusc eaten as a local delicacy
  • Exploring the forest interiors of Palawan


Heritage of the Cordillera

Images of the Cordillera mountain region of the Philippines

View the album 47 photos
  • Hanging coffins in Sagada, Mountain Province
  • Cambulo rice terraces
  • Rice terraces in Sagada, Mountain Province
  • Bomod-Ok falls near Sagada, Mountain Province

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